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B2B Competition Rules

Minimum 2 players, maximum 4 players.

Standard basketball rules apply:
offensive and defensive fouls, travelling no carrying.

Each match will last 6 Mins. With two minutes entrance and team preparation and two minutes after to clear courts announce scores winners etc.

If any member of any team clocks up 4 fouls during a 6 minute match he misses the next match. If the team has only 2 players and a member clocks up 4 fouls during a match that team receives a 2 basket penalty in their next match.

If an opponent shoots misses the back- board, and opposition intercepts, they can proceed to score if an opponent shoots and hits the back board or basket hop and the opposition intercepts they have to take it out of the three point semi-circle. Three point shooting and two points shooting prohibited. If a match is drawn we go into sudden death shoot out from the free throw line. Each match needs one ref and one person keeping scores, 1st aid must be available on sight to cover all courts. During the conclusion of each match the scores will be read out the player with the most points will also be announced. They winning team will also be informed of time/s of their next game.

Code of conduct:
B2B maintains a fair play policy, sportsman like conduct is expected at all times. Violent conduct, verbal bullying, homophobic and racist chants will result in team being excluded from the competition at any stage and the next best available team will replace the forfeiting side.


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